What is an EU tyre label?

Tyres sold on the UK and EU market must have labels that give information about:

  1. Fuel Efficiency
  2. Wet Grip
  3. Noise Classification

Fuel Efficiency

A tyres fuel efficiency is based on the tyre’s rolling resistance, the fuel efficiency will range from class A (the most efficient) down to class E (the least efficient, and thus most expensive to run). Not only does a tyre’s efficiency affect how much it costs to drive your car, but the more efficient tyres are also more eco-friendly for the environment.

Wet Grip

Making sure your tyre continues to grip well during wet conditions is very important for safe driving. The wet grip rating indicates how well the tyre will perform in wet conditions and how short the breaking distance will be in wet conditions. A tyre’s wet grip is rated from class A (the best) down to class E.

Noise Classification

This is the external rolling noise generated by the tyre, measured in decibels. The label shows the noise level rated in classes from A – the quietest rating, down to C – the noisiest rating.

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